Thursday, 26 May 2011

Blogging trial period

I guess I should introduce myself... Hello, I'm Jon Banks.  I'm a 24 year old philosophy PhD student at the University of Leeds, and my research is on the metaphysics of essentialism.  And (depending on when you read this, and whether properties are held relative to times) this is the entirety of my blog.

Okay, so I'm not really a blogger.  I don't think I'm even really the blogging type.  So I suppose this makes my having a blog rather odd, but I'm sure that if we all band together (by which I mean me and what I presume is the vast emptiness that is the internet abyss) we can collectively get past this and move on with our lives. 

My intention is to write about things I've been thinking about, mostly either relating to my research or the various things that I get a bit into every now and then (at the moment it's education).  My motivation is the hope that writing down my thoughts will help me clear up my own views on certain subjects rather than to convince anyone else.  It also seems that doing this in a blog rather than in the privacy of my desktop is a good way to ensure that I keep it up (that's the plan anyway).  A drought of posts will in theory make me paranoid that I've not been thinking enough and compel me to act.

Having said that, I have a big stack of marking to do so I'm not going to post anything just yet, but hopefully the knowledge that it is here, waiting for me, will ensure that I return soon.


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